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15 Positive affirmations that can change your perspective

Positive affirmations
Positive affirmations Picture credits: Pexels

Who is in a need of a positive affirmation?

Begin your day and finish it with a positive affirmation you’ll feel great afterward. Positive affirmations can work as words of an encouragement you can give yourself to move forward and as a great motivation.

If we find positive words of encouragement for ourselves from within we are ready for a new positive outlook on things and showing love for oneself.

Make your own positive affirmations or use some of our examples:

1. I love myself just the way I am. I allow myself to be loved.
2. I’m strong and empowered.
3.  I believe in myself and in my abilities.
4. I enjoy every second of my life. My life is beautiful
5. I possess the abilities to make my dreams come true and to accomplish my goals
6. I feel wonderful in my own skin.
7. I’m blessed! I’m confident! I’m worthy of all the happiness and love in the world.
8. I’m looking forward to what’s coming.
9. I’m happy, I choose to be happy and I want to make others happy.
10. I have passion and enthusiasm for life, business, love, and life.
11. I’m confident and courageous.
12. I’m improving myself each day.
13. I choose to be happy.
14. I release what’s holding me back in this moment and I’m ready to be happy.
15. I invite abundance and happiness in my life, I’m ready and opened to it.

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