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Accept the things you can’t change

Acceptance Picture credits: Pexels; smiley faces

Change is inevitable- but sometimes we can’t change something we don’t have control over. To accept something is not the same as being passive . If we accept that there are things we can’t change we can cope better with things in life.  In life we will encounter people, events, situations and things we won’t be able to change.

If we can’t change a thing or a situation we need to accept it with a positive attitude.

Acceptance has few positive benefits like:

  • Gratitude
  • Less stress
  • Positive perspective and outlook on things
  • Embracing the things we can and can’t change
  • Appreciation towards the things we have and don’t have
  • New possibilities , new outlooks and new goals
  • More joy, peace, and gratitude

Acceptance can mean much more but foremost i means love towards oneself and towards the others. Can you accept the things you can’t change?