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Do you ‘’FIT’’ for your career?

Finding the right career can be quite challenging.
It is a mix of preferences, education, preparation, talents, affinities, experience and Yes, the most important –choices through life. Whether you love your career path or you’re rethinking it – you have a choice.
A career counseling is a new approach to choosing your right fitted career for you based on several parameters, whether you’re planning on changing your current job, you’re a student or you’re rethinking your current career choice and you need to redefine yourself in the ‘’pool of possibilities’’.

A career choice is one of the most important choices in life because it can affect your personal life in a great instance. People find themselves under high pressure to show off their knowledge and capabilities on a higher scale than ever. Through career coaching people get a new perspective, confidence and attitude and most important of all- clear goals.

Career coaching is a great way for setting professional goals, decision –making, generating plans and overcoming obstacles. Career coaches help their clients generate an individual career plan, they can help in maintaining a great relationship with your team members and managers, they can redefine and set a base for a balance between your personal and professional life.
Markets are changing faster than ever – if you are afraid you won’t keep up with the tempo –then you shouldn’t stop investing in YOURSELF.
Here are some of the benefits of career coaching:

  • You’ll see the bigger picture of yourself – you’ll define your personal skills, knowledge, education, interests, and values
  • You’ll find out what you really want for a career based on your vision of the future (If you don’t visualize the future like five years from now based on realistic goals – start doing that immediately!)
  •  You’ll have a bigger understanding of what inspires and motivates you
  • You’ll learn how to make decisions and how to adapt to changes
  • You’ll learn that you have to evaluate several possible options, scenarios and evaluate possibilities
  • If you felt like you have no choices- well you were wrong! Stop putting limits and stop creating wrongful beliefs
  • Yes, you can program and create your professional goals with the help of career counseling.
  • Career counseling can pave your way to a better fit and happier career choice.

If you’re ready for challenges that will come with the process of changing your career, you’ll learn that choosing the right career that feel like it ‘’FITS’’ the right way won’t make the stress related to the working place disappear, but at the end of the day it can make like your job better, enjoy what you do and feel satisfied and happy with your career choice.