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Is fear stopping you? Don’t let it run your life!

Is fear stopping you? Motivational technique for stopping fear
Is fear stopping you? Image credits: pexels Free for commercial use

Yes, fear can limit your abilities. Fear is normal- is a physical state of the body.
Exploring the theme about the fear I found an interesting video on YouTube by Mel Robbins- a great motivational speaker.
She notes that fear it’s real and she uses the 5-second technique rule for controlling the fear and turning it into excitement.

How can we turn fear into excitement?
Fear and excitement as she notes are physical reactions that have same symptoms on our body. In the brain, they’re closely intertwined.
Fear activates the hypothalamus in the same way as excitement, you get your pulse raised, you get butterflies in the stomach. Many say that fear isn’t real, but fear is real and thinking positively isn’t going to happen all the time.
When you ignore your fears you make your fears worse!

Now let’s do an exercise.

Think what is it like when you’re calm?  What does it feel to be excited? What to do when you’re afraid?  How are this states different to you?  Yes everyone wants to feel calm all the time, but that isn’t just how life goes on. Fear and excitement are a great part of life.
We’re noticing ups and downs while facing excitement and fear in life. We mentioned that fear and excitement create similar physical reactions to the body, that is due to the difference between the location of fear and the location of excitement that is about 2-5 inches in our brains. With our power of intention, we can move our fear to a state of excitement and reprogram our brain. Let your brain think that fear is excitement – and you’ll change your outlook on things and life both physically and emotionally.

How can we reprogram fear into excitement? 
Replace fear with a sense of excitement.  For example, if you’re about to speak in front of a large audience and you start to feel anxious and excited, and a bit nervous- mostly nervous. You get a full set of strange feelings – physical symptoms of nervousness. When this process starts, think about a safe thought and connect that thought with a positive visual image in your head.
That picture should be about something that you’ll use in every moment you’ll feel a fear. Think about something that calms you down and makes you excited. In the example of the public speaking think about the positive image you’ll get after a successful presentation. let that image be your anchor at any time you’ll feel fear.  Settle your thoughts to that safe spot where you’ll channel your anxiety and where you’ll  interrupt your fear. It’s easy- you’ll turn your nervousness and fear into exciting thoughts that will lead you towards sucess.

You can’t control all the feelings and reactions of the body, but you can always make a decision about your thoughts and how you’re going to control them, and the actions you’re going to take.

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Natasha Gulevska is an MBA graduate (master of public policy programs) and a digital marketing specialist with over 3 years of work experience.

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  • Teaching yourself to get excited through association is a good idea.

    I also like focus on the benefits of doing what causes me fear/anxiety. As an example, you’re starting a new job. It’s normal to be nervous before you start but your gains are: money, experience, memories. The list can go on.