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Stop the negative talk!

Stop the negative talk
Stop the negative talk Picture credits: Pexels

Negative talk – who likes it?
It feels like every time anyone starts a negative talk our whole day is wrecked up.

I recently was driving up in a cab and the first thing when my companion (that’s from a foreign country) asked the cab driver how is it going – he started saying how bad it was. How small his salary was, how the whole living situation is bad, how the politics have entered every core of our existence and how much they affected the whole negative perspective in the country.

My companion got a really negative outlook on things and his spirit suddenly broke down- his whole day took a negative turn just from 30 minutes driving towards the town center where we were meeting with some friends.
The negative energy that was passed onto him quickly ruined his whole afternoon. He learned a lesson from that moment on that whenever he’s driving up in a car he shouldn’t be asking any questions of this kind.

Stop reading the negative news

Reading negative articles can bring you down. Do you start your day reading bad articles? Stop doing this!

Nobody likes the negative news bearer

How do you feel about the person that always has to bring bad news? Yes, I guess you don’t like hearing about the bad news when trying to stay motivated.

Some people are just complainers!

Nobody likes this kind of people around them. They complain about everything. Everyone had/has or have met a person of this kind. How much do you like this people’s company? It seems like everyone tries to avoid complainers and naggers because they lower our energy – they are like ”energy vampires” that suck up all of our positive energy and vibes, they are even toxic and not a good company to be around.

I had friends like this – haven’t you too?

We tend to distance from this kind of people because it seems like they drag us down. Being compassionate, empathetic and caring has great perks but in the long run, we tend to avoid people that bring us down too.

People grow, evolve and change – so can that bad habit change. If you feel like you’re being too negative stop !- Nobody likes this kind of people in their environment. If you tend to have a negative self-talk and focus on the negative things around you just won’t feel good.