Critical Thinking

What do you see in the mirror?

Self-portrait Picture credits: pexels

Who do you see when you look into the mirror?
Whats the self-image you have about yourself? Is it positive or mainly is pointed towards self-criticism?

Let’s do an exercise.

1. Stand in your underwear in front of the mirror first.

People get vulnerable when they are naked or in their underwear. Whats the image you have about your self?
Do you think you should be taller, skinnier, prettier, fitter? What area do you try to cover first when you’re standing in front of the mirror with your hands or avoid to see?

2. Now dress up in the outfit you feel most powerful in.

What’s the difference? How do you feel about yourself now? What has changed about you physically that changed your mental picture and your self-image now?

Is it the fact that you’re covered up? We get so conscious about our flaws and one flaw when standing without many clothes on can make our mental self-image so fragile that isn’t the case when we put our clothes on.

The clothes didn’t change your mental state – your thoughts did. If you think you can look powerful with -you can be powerful in any way. I did this simple comparison as a metaphor for our confidence.

Feel powerful even when you feel exposed and vulnerable – you’re you in any situation. Your mindset can either ruin your self -image or make you feel the most powerful you can be.

Do you feel naked or dressed up in your most powerful suit now? 

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Natasha Gulevska

Natasha Gulevska is an MBA graduate (master of public policy programs) and a digital marketing specialist with over 3 years of work experience.